101 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting 2016!

“Successful People Reflect On Their Progress Before They Start The New Year”

Reflect On The 9 Most Important Parts Of Your Life

Successful People Reflect On Their Progress Before They Start The New Year 2016.

Some People Asked Me How Do I Reflect, So I Took Some Time And I Have Listed Some Questions I Ask Myself To Reflect Every Year 😉 I Hope It Helps You 😉

Take 1 Hour In Peace  To Go Over The Following List Before You Start Taking Action In 2016, It Can Make All The Difference To Create A Successful Year!

  • What Did I Learn In 2015 ? What Did I Achieve In 2015?
  • How Does This Make Me Feel?
  • What Did I Learn From Failure And Success?
  • What Am I Proud Of?
  • Where Am I Balanced And Unbalanced In My Life?
  • What Do I Want To Improve In 2016?
  • What Do I Want To Achieve In 2016?
  • What Were My 5 Biggest Strengths In 2015?
  • What Are My 3 Weaknesses That I Can Improve To Perform Better?
  • Am I Happy About My Result?
  • What Am I Not Happy About And Why?
  • How Can I Make It Better?

1. My Health

  • Did My Health Improve In 2015?
  • Did I Gain Weight Or Lose Weight?
  • Did I Improve My Stamina? How Was My Eating Habit, Healthy Or Unhealthy?
  • How Many Times I Exercise A Week? Did I Follow My Health Plan?
  • Is My Body Getting All The Right Nutrition? Did I Feel Energetic, Younger Or Older In 2015?
  • How Did I Deal With Stress? Whats My Health Goal For 2016?

2. My Surrounding

  • Who Are The 5-10 People I Spend The Most Time With In 2015?
  • Are They Bringing Me Up Or Down? Are They Mostly Negative Or Positive?
  • Are They Big Thinkers Or Small Thinkers? Do We Have Unconditional Love Or Conditional Love?
  • How Much Are They Earning A Month? Are They Working On Themselves Every Day To Create A Better Life?
  • Did I Make New Positive Friends In 2015 That Encourage Me To Follow My Dreams? Help Me To Think Bigger? Give Me A Vision Of Better Life?
  • How Can I Improve My Surrounding In 2016?

3. Self Education

  • What Books Did I Read In 2015 That Made A Positive Impact In My Life?
    What Self-Help Seminars Did I Attend? What Tapes I Listen To That Empower Me?
  • Am I Reading The Right Books To Bring Me To The Goal I Want To Achieve?
  • Am I Waiting For Somebody To Inspire Me Or Do I Inspire Myself?
  • Which People Did I Learn The Most From?
  • What Do I Want To Learn In 2016?

4. Money Management

  • How Did I Manage My Money In 2015? Did I Had A Plan? Did I Save? Invest Back In My Business?
  • Did I Give Charity?
  • What Is My Plan For 2016?
  • What Is My Plan To Protect My Wealth From Inflation?
  • Is My Money Working For Me?

5. Business Skills

  • How Did I Follow My Business Plan In 2015?
  • Am I Doing The Business As A Hobby Or As A Business?
  • Did I Keep Gauges? What Did I Learn From My Gauges
  • Is This Number Going To Bring Me Where I Want To Go
  • How Can I Improve This Number?
  • What Business Skill Do I Want To Learn In 2016?

6. Love And Relationships

  • How Loved Did I Feel In 2015?
  • How Did I Show My Love To My Friends, Family And My Love?
  • Did I Spend Quality Time With My Friends And Family In 2015?
  • Did I Love Myself In 2015? How Did I Practice Self Love?
  • Did I Easily Forgive Myself In 2015?
  • What Do I Still Carry With Me That I Want To Let Go Before I Start 2016?
  • Did I Forgive Others?
  • How Did I Practice Forgiveness?
  • Take Time To Forgive Now And Let Go 😉 Did I Love Conditionally Or Unconditionally?
  • What Do I Want To Improve In My Relationships And Love Life For 2016?
  • What Goals Do I Have Regarding Family, Love And Friends In 2016?
  • How Can I Make My Relationships More Fulfilling?


7. My Emotions

  • Did I Spend Most Of My Time Thinking Negative, Blaming, Complaining What I Do Not Have? Living In Fear? Concerned About What Other People Think?
  • Or Did I Spend Most Of My Time Being Grateful, Focusing On The Good I Have And The Future I Can Build? Helping Others?
  • What Emotions Do I Want To Have The Most In 2016?

8. My Habits

  • What Daily Habits Help Me To Create A Better Life And Growing Business?
  • What Negative Habits Holding Me Back?
  • What New Empowering Habits I Can Create For 2016?

9. Spirituality

  • Did I Take Time To Sit Quite And Meditate?
  • How Can I Do This More In 2016?
  • Was I At Peace With Myself?  Or Was My Mind Too Busy?
  • How Can I Be More At Peace With Myself In The World In 2016?
  • Did I Take Time To Connect With God/The Universe?
  • How Can I Connect More With The Universe/God?
  • Do I Feel Lonely Most Of The Time Or Can I Be Happy With Myself?
  • How Can I Be More Happy With Myself In 2016?
  • Do I Have Faith Or Do Worry Too Much?
  • Do I Act Out Of Love Or Out Of Fear?
  • Did I Follow My Heart? Did I Follow My Intuition?
  • Am I Doing My Passion?
  • Following My Hearts Desire?
  • Am I Spending Time Quite In Nature?
  • Am I Grateful Everyday For The Simple Things In Life?  Am I Happy In The Now?
  • Was I Flowing In The Present Or Always In The Future With My Mind?
  • How Can I Be More Present In 2016?
  • What Daily Habits Can I Create In 2016 To Be More Present, More In The Flow With Nature, More At Peace With Myself And More Connected With God/The Universe?
  • What New Empowering Habits I Can Create For 2016?


  • What Am I Committed To Change And Improve And Why?
  • Do I Need A Mentor A Coach?

My Why: 

  • What Is My BIG WHY To Improve My Life?

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