A Labor of Love

In exactly one month I’ll be 30. Thirty. Years. Old.

I had so many goals set for myself to have accomplished by the time I turned 30, and can ya guess how many of those I’ve actually accomplished? NONE. That’s right. A big fat zeeeerrroooooo. And why, you ask? Because, just like many of you, I’ve spent the majority of my adult life working towards someone else’s goals. For some people this may not be an issue, but if you’re like me at all, you are sitting there wondering why you’re working to further your boss’ dream instead of your own, and when you’re going to find time to make your dream come to life.

Let’s just be real here, you will never “find time” to do it. You have to make time.

Which is exactly what I did. That’s right, I’m took back my time and my life. I quite working full time as a programmer and digital advertising manager so that I could focus on helping you, the business owner, blogger, affiliate, friend, etc who doesn’t know a thing about coding a website or running PPC (pay per click) advertising, get your message out there! Because when we dedicate our lives to helping each other, everyone wins!

Now, I’m not advocating that you run out and quit your job. It’s obviously not that easy for those with kids, mortgages, debt and bills galore. And there is also the issue of figuring out what it is going to make you *happy*.

For some people, figuring out what really makes them happy is the hardest part. I know it was for me. I could write a book on the amount of time and energy I’ve put into trying to figure this out what makes me happy. I’ve met with mentors, coaches, psychologists, read hundreds of blogs, and probably listened to even more podcasts, all in hopes of finding the answer.

But in the end, and this will probably come as no big surprise to you, no one could tell me. I mean DUH! Of course they couldn’t. No one else besides yourself, knows what you truly love.

So, in yet another effort to figure it out, one day I took a pad of paper and a pencil outside to the park (I find that I think better in nature, where there are fewer electronic distractions) and I asked myself;

What do you see yourself doing in 5 or 10 years?

I know, you’re thinking, but Meg, I have no idea what I’m doing tomorrow, let alone what I’ll be doing in 5-10 years? Buuuuut keep in mind that this is just an exercise to help get the wheels turning.

Sit quietly for a while and allow your inner most desires to slowly surface.

Tap into your inner excitement.

Ask yourself what you love to do so much that you’d pay to do it?

Take inventory of the most fun events in your life.

Try focusing on those you admire; maybe those heroes may have similar interests, desires and goals.

Do this over and over again until you have a rich collection of images of what you are passionate about.

Remember that pursuing your goals should be, both, hard work and a labor of love. And if you’re not excited every day when you wake up for the day and the work ahead, then it’s time to re-evaluate your life! We only live once people, unless you’re someone who believes in reincarnation, and then I suppose you live more than once, but for most of us we only get this once chance, so make it worth living.

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