Custom Code

I have years of experience under her belt when it comes to web development. I can bring your older website up to date by adding responsive design techniques to it so, no matter what device your website visitors are on, they experience your website the way it was meant to be. While a custom coded website can be a bit more pricey than a WordPress theme, I can help find the right solution for you that wont break the bank. If your project needs some extra attention, I can help.


Whether you already have a design, or are starting from scratch, I've got you covered in bringing your idea into the digital realm. Everything is designed responsively to suit all platforms first, with careful consideration of colors, composition, and layout to best showcase your company ethos to your target audience. Whether it’s one revision or 10, I do my best to work with your budget and needs to get the job done right.


Don’t know where to begin with your website or online digital strategy? Let me create a coherent social media push for you. Facebook, Twitter, Google… let’s get you noticed. Search performance has never been more important to the visibility of your business on the internet. I can help increase your presence in search engines and social media by crunching the numbers and digging through data in order to figure out which of your content performs the best and then highlighting that content in a way to help make your website appeal to your target audience.

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Endless slow-mo high-fives. Revered mockery. Fab-ness AND awesomesauce. For making up your own words. Sunlight. Glitter and sequins and all things GOLD. For play. For texture. Coffee and the flavor of tasty words. I am for smiling. For rhythm. For stretching and reaching. I am for blazing a trail.

My name’s Meg McCave. If we were Game of Thrones characters, I would definitely be Arya Stark.


  • Build you an epic website for a fraction of what big advertising companies will charge
  • Set-up/Manage your PPC advertising on multiple platforms (Facebook, Google Adwords, etc)
  • Share expert advice by reading daily articles covering what's happening in the industry to fill in the gaps along the way
  • Discover unknown paths and new possibilities with you

‘Cause you’re totes ridic amazepants.

Don't worry. You’re in safely dangerous hands.

Love & laffy-taffy,



In the world of CMS’s, WordPress is the reigning champion. For getting your website up and running on a CMS, WordPress can be a very quick solution. I offer custom WordPress development, whether you want to buy and implement a pre-designed theme, have a theme of your own you want implemented, or just need a whole website designed from the ground up. Custom development isn’t always the least expensive answer so when budget is a concern (and, honestly, when isn’t it?) WordPress can be an inexpensive, fast, flexible and user friendly solution.

TL;DR Services.

  • Startup & Small Business Websites
  • Photoshop (PSD) to HTML conversion
  • Responsive Design
  • WordPress Development & Design
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Website Performance
  • Landing Pages
  • Digital Marketing & Strategy
  • Branding & Design