I worked out and now I’m SORE. HALP!!

So, yesterday, or the day before, you worked out for the first time in your life (or for the first time in a while, which is essentially the same thing as far as your body is concerened). And during the workout, you felt great! Buuuuut, then you woke up today and holy crap, it’s like your body forgot how to function. Your groin is tight in places you didn’t even realize you could be sore and your arms are stuck in that permanent t-rex position…


Well my friend, you have just been introduced to Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, which is totally normal &, guess what, you’re going to be juuuust fine (eventually). When you exercise (especially strength train), you’re breaking down your muscles, and over the next few days they are rebuilding themselves up stronger. Note: this should definitely feel like a soreness (even a painful or deep soreness is okay), but a sharp pain or severe pain is something you should speak to your doctor about, ok. I repeat, I am not a doctor!!

So what to do about it?


Movement is the best cure for soreness as it increases blood flow to your muscles which actually speeds up recovery time. You can also use of these super handy muscle massage sticks by www.liveinfinitely.com.

This muscle roller stick is a great size to have ready at a moment’s notice to iron out knots and release that pesky lactic acid build up. It a mini-deep tissue massage that you can carry around in your gym bag. Seriously, this thing has saved my leg muscles from feeling like I was trying to play the QWOP game with my body (please take 2 seconds to play this – it will be the hardest you’ve laughed in at least the last 20 minutes). If you want, you can read the full review I wrote on Amazon.

If you don’t have a massage stick or foam roller (another thing I HIGHLY recommend), stretching & performing light versions of the movements you did yesterday will definitely expedite the healing process & release soreness. Now go out and be fit & healthy & don’t let Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (or anything else for that matter) stop you!

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