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Lately I’ve been struggling quite a lot with finding the inspiration to write. I’ve been doing crafty/creative things and taking pictures of the process in preparation to write, but then, when I sit down to write the post I end up with severe writers block and a lack of motivation to get through it. This has become an issue for me, as my blog is currently part of a graded assignment in one of my college classes, but also because I truly enjoy writing and sharing my life with the internet. So, I started to do some thinking about why I might be having this issue in order to remedy this problem, and then made a list of things that I require in order to create an inviting, inspiring writing area:

1. De-cluttered workspace

Clutter weighs on my mind, takes up space, decreases my motivation, and blocks new ideas from developing.

When I bring something into my workspace I need to decide right away what I’m going to do with it. No longer will I just pile mail and papers on my desk.

When deciding what’s clutter and what’s not, I ask myself three questions:

  • Is this useful?
  • Is this beautiful and/or inspirational?
  • Is this loved?

If the answer to all three questions is ‘no’, it’s clutter & it’s got to go.

2. Anchored purpose

A mission statement, objects, quotes, and visuals to remind me of why I choose to write. A picture of my spouse reminding me that my writing helps support our family. Or an image of people my writing has helped or inspired. With my purpose for writing reflected in my surroundings I’ll feel more motivated to write.

3. Furniture in the Command Position

In Feng Shui (the ancient Chinese art of placement), the Command Position, also known as the Power Position, describes the place in a room where a person feels the most protected and empowered. A view of the door – without facing it directly – and ideally, with a solid wall behind my back. It’s human nature to feel more comfortable when we can see who or what is approaching us. This will allow me to concentrate better, without being distracted by what’s happening behind me.

4. Full-spectrum light

I work late into the night and so full-spectrum bulbs, which emulate natural sunlight and create a more relaxing atmosphere than other types of lighting, reduces eyestrain.

5. Windows

I LOVE sunlight and fresh air. It lifts my spirits and gives me an energy boost.

6. Reduced distractions

No wonder I have a hard time focusing when I’m surrounded by numerous distractions like TV, gym equipment, a sink full of dirty dishes, or an empty bed inviting us for a nap! I need an space dedicated just to writing/homework.

7. A view

Plants, artwork, photos, etc. Stuff to inspire & reflect upon.

After considering these requirements I decided to create another “office” space for my desk in the front part of the living room, and oh boy, what a change it made! We have a large couch with a chaise and also had one of those oversized chair-and-a-half’s with an ottoman. We almost never sit in the chair in the living room (because it’s just the two of us and we both fit comfortably on the couch). So, I decided to swap the chair and my desk, moving it into the office, and my desk into the living room. With all the extra space I was even able to get another desk (from Ikea) and create an L-shape desk area, giving me quite a bit more working space. Even though my new desk is surrounded by windows so I’m able to use natural light throughout the entire day, I frequently work late into the night so lastly, I went to Home Depot and picked up a beautiful hanging lamp that I put over my desk area with a multi-spectrum light bulb so that I could really see.

I’m totally in love with my new workspace & it has totally refreshed my inspiration and motivation. So, what do you require in your work environment? How can you make it better and more effective for you?

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