Play Video Games to Learn Valuable Life Skills Pt. 1

I hold video games, specifically World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs, dear to my heart and have never quite understood how people can say that video games are a waste of time. I often find that my in-game experiences have given me an edge in various areas and have led to some of the more important successes of my life. Here’s Part One of what I’ve learned:


In games, as in life, there is a social society that is divided into subgroups sometimes called guilds, company, league, teams, etc. The members of this society are highly diverse from different locales with different skill sets and experiences. Managing to work cooperatively with others is a huge key to success and is as important in life as it is in the game. teamwork


Failure is a given in video games. They are built to test our intellect so when, in a video game, you don’t achieve an in-game objective, starting over and trying again is no big deal. Learning that failure doesn’t mean the end, it means picking yourself up, brushing yourself off and trying again.ShiftJump-OOPS

Developing Skills/Talents

Not only do you get to plan and develop skills and talents for your own character through practice, but you also learn to spot talent in others, and can assist them in developing their skills. In World of Warcraft there is often times a mentor system set up where a new, inexperienced player is paired with a veteran of the game, to help the lower level character advance more quickly and pick up new skills faster.skilltree


Game players learn quickly to improvise through continual exposure to new in-game situations and challenges. The diversity of game players also leads to the ability to debate various ideas and strategies in order to come up with a creative solution to a problem. This mental flexibility comes in handy in the corporate setting when creative solutions are needed.puzzle

Continued in Part 2…

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