Play Video Games to Learn Valuable Life Skills Pt. 2

…Continued from Part 1


Many people avoid a challenge at all costs, but not a gamer. Games are all about challenging the player so in life a gamer is more likely to welcome an unexpected challenge, and seek out our next challenge after overcoming the previous one.



Many games utilize ranking systems using points, achievements, etc., to elicit players’ competitive sides, even if you’re playing a game solo. This encourages healthy competition, not only with others, but with yourself (to beat your previous score, rank, gear, etc.).teamwork


In many games there is an element of a free market available to the players. Learning how to grow crops, or collect gear in order to turn a profit at the market, or learning a valuable skill that others will pay you, is a strong foundation for an entrepreneur to learn in an environment that isn’t permanent or life threatening.auctions

Information Management & Metric Tracking

High volumes of information are constantly at your fingertips in games, and the ability to manage and organize this information in a digestible way is a life skill that everyone can use. I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent personalizing the display layout of World of Warcarft just so I can squeeze one more dashboard of information on-screen. This kind of up to the minute feedback and statistics offers a clear-cut explanation as to how you are performing at any given time, so that you can adjust accordingly. This translates to being able to improve your performance metrics in future tasks and challenges in life as well.



If you don’t already play video games, it’s not to late to start! There are so many out there I’m sure you’ll find the perfect game to suit your likes. If you’re already a gamer, what life skills have you learned from gaming?

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