Why did the chemist sole his shoes with silicone rubber?

? To reduce his carbon footprint. ?

OK… that was a terrible joke, I agree, but YOU try coming up with a joke about silicone that’s funny!

Anyway, on with the post! The beginning of the year reminded Jason & I just how poorly we had been treating our bodies over the holiday packed months. I mean, we attempt to live a healthy lifestyle; to eat well and take care of our bodies & the environment. But during the holidays, when everyone puts at least a full stick of butter into every dish, the struggle to maintain a sensible diet becomes suuuper real.

So, we did what any rational human beings (with absolutely no guilt surrounding holiday over eating) would do… We decided to join a CrossFit gym. CrossFit Star City to be specific. And it’s AMAZING. Seriously. I know what you’re thinking… Oh great, she’s turned into another one of those hardcore CrossFit people who talk about nothing but CrossFit is 24/7. But trust me when I say I’m not!! While the exercise itself is awesomely intense for 30 minutes or so, there are really only two reasons why I’ve managed to make it to the gym 5x’s week:

  1. I totally lucked out MAJORLY & found the best group of CrossFitters/new friends. They keep me motivated, fo’sho.
  2. FUN PANTS (b/c if you’re going to go workout, you might as well have fun doing it)! I found these suuuuper cute workout leggings for a STEAL over at ModDeals.com and Oh. Em. Gee. they are comfy! Their the perfect thickness, support & comfort, and I love these patterned ones!

I also happened across this XYZlicone Infinity Band  for Jason (purchased at a discounted rate for an honest review), who has been wearing it ever since it arrived. Turns out the lightweight, comfortable & nonconducting properties are quite pleasing at all times (not just in the gym). Something XYZlicone has going for them is that they have the forethought to send an EXTRA ring one size larger, which is pretty genius because the fit is slightly different from a metal band and some people (Jason included) probably prefer a snug but not tight fit. He’s officially upgraded his tungsten wedding band to “special occasions only” status.

Okay guys, I’m going to go (it’s actually gym time… seriously though, I’m not going to be one of those people that talk about the gym all the time) ((okay, maybe I will just a little bit)). Suggest some more exercise pant brands to me! I’d love to try them! And have you ever tried a silicone ring? If so, what brand & did you like it?

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